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PROBIO 2015 is bilingual. Lectures on day 1, Wednesday, October 28th will be given in French and lectures on day 2, Thursday, October 29th will be given in English.

See Day 1 Program: Octobre 28th
See Day 1 Program: Octobre 29th

Download the Program in PDF (844 Ko)

DAY 1 OCTOBER 28th, 2015
Day 1 lectures are in French
12:00 Registration
1:15 Opening remarks by Mrs Manon Cormier, chair of PROBIO 2015
1:30 The intestinal microbiota: investigation of physiological roles of a universe too long ignored
By Dr. Geneviève Pilon, research professional, INAF
2:00 Microbiota and weight control
By Mrs Marina Sanchez, research professional, department of medicine, Université Laval
2:30 Questions
2:45 Health Break /
Visit of stands and popularized scientific posters
3:15 Pregnancy and childhood: Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG), an interesting strain to modulate the immune system
By Mrs Roxanne Papineau, clinical dietitian, IUCPQ
3:45 Modulation of the intestinal mucosal integrity with probiotics
By Dr. Sophie Holowacz, project manager, PiLeJe
4:15 The Brain - Gut - Microbiota connection
By Dr. Alain Watier, gastroenterologist, Hôtel-Dieu de Sherbrooke
4:45 Questions
5:00 Cooking demonstration with the chef Jean Soulard
5:30 Cocktail /
Visit of stands and popularized scientific posters
to 9:00 pm
CONSUMER SHOW (Lay Public Event)
6:30 Too much science is like not enough
By Mr Olivier Bernard, pharmacist and author of Le Pharmachien
7:15 Cooking demonstration with the chef Jean Soulard
7:45 Appetizers /
Visit of stands and popularized scientific posters

DAY 2 OCTOBER 29th, 2015
Day 2 lectures are in English
9:00 Take-home science: what probiotic should I recommend to my patient? The Clinical Guide to Probiotic Products in Canada
By Mrs Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic, Clinical pharmacist, Hamilton Family Health Team
9:45 Microbial ecosystem therapeutics - a new paradigm in medicine
By Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe, University of Guelph
10:30 Health Break /
Visit of stands and popularized scientific posters
11:15 Mood and gut feelings: the link between the brain and the microbiome
By Dr. Valérie H. Taylor, psychiatrist, University of Toronto
12:00 Lunch /
Visit of stands and popularized scientific posters
2:00 From gut to host: polyphenols as prebiotics to reduce obesity-linked inflammation and related diseases
By Mr Fernando Forato Anhê, PhD candidate, INAF
2:45 Health Break
3:15 Stomach, probiotics and inflammation in the upper GI tract
By Dr. Richard Hunt, Emeritus Professor, CRC, McMaster University
4:15 Award announcement: Coup de cœur prize for the best popularized poster
4:30 Closing remarks





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